How To Choose the RIGHT Aerial Yoga Teacher Training for YOU

If you are a health and wellness aficionado, chances are you have jumped from one fitness fad to the other. Those who are always on-the-go might have purchased their own smart watches and fitness trackers to monitor their daily activities. People who are dedicated into weight loss have definitely tried high-intensity interval training (HIIT). While some of these fitness trends may come and go, an ancient practice continued for five millennia in delivering its promise of a healthier mind, body, and soul: yoga.

Yoga offers more than the traditional calorie-burning and muscle-toning exercises. It unites your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being through stretch poses coupled with regulated breathing and meditation. Yoga is scientifically proven to reduce the stress and anxiety levels of a person, and lowers the likelihood of experiencing chronic pain. Moreover, it is said to induce spiritual awakening among practitioners.

But, what makes yoga such a hit? According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, the gentle movements associated in doing yoga largely contribute to its success and popularity. The light motions and shifts in the exercise allow almost anyone to perform it. There are variations in the routines that are appropriate for any age and fitness level.

Aerial Yoga, Anyone? 

A variety of versions of yoga exercises were created over the years. One of the hottest craze is aerial yoga. This variation is a fusion of the traditional yoga poses, dance, and Pilates. What makes it different is the use of a hammock. Basically, yoga poses are performed while suspended midair. It resembles those acrobats in Cirque du Soleil!

Like in any typical yoga practice, the key in aerial yoga is to release your inhibitions and just let go. It also offers the same health benefits, but with extra stimulation and rush.

Love Aerial Yoga? Why Not Teach?

“Follow your heart and do what you love.”

You might have heard of this at some point in your life. There’s something about doing the thing you are really passionate about. It makes you out of your bed and fires you up. It gives you something to look forward to in your day. For most yogis out there, the feeling is mutual. If you love aerial yoga so much that it makes you talk over it for hours, why not consider teaching it withAerial yoga teacher training yoga alliance? If you live and breathe aerial yoga, why not be a medium of this holistic approach towards wellness?

With the innovative approaches towards aerial yoga and a growing number of people becoming certified aerial yoga teachers, you are probably wondering what’s in it for you. Aside from being an integral part of the worldwide Aerial yoga teacher training yoga alliance, here are some of the benefits of getting into aerial yoga teacher training.

Be an emissary of a healthy mindset

There are tons of good things about dong aerial yoga. As a teacher, you get to be the spokesperson of this practice. Without a doubt, being a yogi makes you feel good. But helping others feel good about their bodies? Girl, that’s a different level of satisfaction!

Stay abreast to what’s hot

Most teachers say that they teach to be good students. Part of being an aerial yoga teacher is staying abreast to new variations and routines in this discipline. Teaching is a never-ending learning process.

Support others in setting their fitness goals

Trying something new can be scary. For beginners in aerial yoga, the physical and mental demands of suspending yourself in a hammock can be overwhelming. As a teacher, you help people accomplish what they have to accomplish regardless of the circumstances. Having someone – a partner – in their wellness journey will help set their minds straight in reaching their fitness goals.

Pay your bills while doing something you love

Aerial yoga is now a mainstream exercise. As such, it has moved out from the four corners of a traditional yoga studio. Classes are now conducted in halls, health clubs, corporate rooms, and even online. There will always be a market in aerial yoga. Having said that, you should not teach for the money, but for the immaterial things associated in aerial yoga teacher training.

Are You Meant to Be an Aerial Yoga Ambassador?

At some point in our life, we might have asked the universe some sort of signs when we were at a crossroad. If you aren’t still bought into doing aerial yoga training, these are the indications that you are destined for this career.

It leaves you wanting for more.

You are not one of those who see and take aerial yoga on its surface: An exercise about doing stretches in a hammock. Aerial yoga has influenced your way of life. You live by its philosophy, but it doesn’t stop you there. If you want to step up your skills and knowledge in aerial yoga, then teaching is definitely your calling.

You want to spread awareness.

Do you always find your way of bringing up the amazing benefits of aerial yoga in conversations? Do you have this longing feeling of sharing how aerial yoga changed your life? Do you encourage people to join you in class? If you answered predominantly yes, then you are ready to teach aerial yoga.

You enjoy the company of aerial yogis.

It feels good to be with people who understand you and share the same passion. Have you gained buddies in your yoga class? Do you feel like you’re safe when you are with them? Then, aerial yoga teacher training is for you!

Become an Aerial Yoga Teacher

Now that you’ve decided that Aerial yoga teacher training yoga alliance is a career you want to pursue, we will discuss the ways on how to be a certified aerial yoga teacher. Before you start sharing your advocacy, you need to learn first the ropes (or in this case, the hammock) in aerial yoga. Here’s a foolproof plan on how to become a certified aerial yoga teacher.

Do your research.

Aerial yoga teacher training is a fulfilling career path. That said, you don’t want to embark on a new journey without doing your due diligence. One of the most common research queries for aspiring aerial yoga teachers is the salary. As per Glassdoor, an aerial yoga class costs $20 to $25 on average. This may change depending on your level of expertise, your location, the amenities of your space, and the program itself, among other things.

Get Certified.

There are only two things that are pre-requisites in getting certified: love for teaching and a good know-how of the body. While having a prior knowledge and skills on Pilates and yoga is an advantage, it is not really required.

To get certified, you can attend aerial yoga certification classes at the nearest gym or yoga studio. If you don’t have the luxury of time, you can always enroll in online aerial yoga classes. Having said that, you should be extra careful in choosing a class or an instructor. The Internet is teeming with inexperienced teachers or instructors with Aerial yoga teacher training yoga alliance.

Go the extra mile.

If you intend to have your own studio in the future, it would be beneficial having a knowledge on how to do CPR and first aid. In addition, it is also essential to protect yourself from potential liabilities and claims by securing an insurance.

Checklist in Choosing the Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Class

Ready to be an aerial yoga teacher? Here is a checklist that will guide you in finding the right class.

The Instructor

On average, an aerial yoga course spans for 150-200 hours depending on the skill set you want to master. This is a long time, so you need to make sure that you take this journey with the right instructor. Since the training will encompass emotions and energy, you need an instructor who makes you feel comfortable and confident.

It is also a must that you look into the experience and certification of your instructor. Check out their profiles online and find out if they got their certification from reputable schools.

The Class

If you are joining a class in a yoga studio, how many are enrolled in the same class? Usually a good number of participants are enough validation that the training is legit. On one hand, attending a small class gives you more space to learn aerial yoga and connect more with yourself.

The Location and Price

One of the most crucial factors in deciding an aerial yoga teacher training class is its location. It does not matter if you are attending the most elite aerial yoga class in the city if it is too far from home or the price is too steep.

The Yoga Alliance Approval

The school itself should be certified by the Yoga Alliance. The organization gives the framework required for every Registered Yoga School (RYS). It also provides insurance, resources, and other benefits for yogis.

Aerial yoga can be scary and quite intimidating for beginners. You should muster all your courage to experience this one of a kind yoga. There’s more to it than you actually think.