Aerial Yoga Certification

How to become an Aerial Yoga Certified Instructor

You have been practicing aerial yoga for a while, you are good at it, and would like to teach others how to benefit from this amazing discipline? Aerial Yoga Certification is one of the most sought-after services at Aerial Yoga Academy and many students choose to become certified with our help due to the advantages they have at our training centre, such as accessing training programmes for all levels, from beginner to expert. 

At the end of this article, you should be able to make the right decision on your ability to get Aerial Yoga Certification and you will also be aware of the main steps you need to take.

Is Aerial Yoga Certification for me?

Enjoying an activity very much is one thing, and doing it for a living is a whole different thing. For instance, someone who likes cooking at home very much may be disappointed once they start working as a cook in a restaurant. Ask yourself the following questions before considering yoga teacher training:

  • Do you practice yoga at home? People who are suited for yoga training are usually committed to a home yoga practice before starting the certification process.
  • Have you found a style of yoga that you like – in our case, aerial yoga?
  • Do you enjoy being around people and being part of a yoga community?
  • Do you have the confidence it takes to lead large groups?
  • Did you ever have an opportunity to teach yoga and you stepped in to do the job of a yoga teacher?
  • Do you have the resources and time needed to complete yoga teacher training?
  • Have you found a reputable teacher training programme? Aerial Yoga Academy can help with this J

If the answers to all questions are “Yes”, you are probably prepared to become an aerial yoga teacher.

You don’t have to be an expert

You can’t do a handstand so you are afraid you will never be able to get Aerial Yoga Certification? Don’t worry about this. Teaching is not about being able to do the most difficult and complicate poses, but it’s about using your voice to tell people what to do with their bodies – also called “cuing”. The ability to make fancy things comes in time, don’t worry about this. 

Start practicing yoga teaching

Completing the 200 hours training does not necessarily mean that at the end of the course you will be confident and ready to teach other yogis. Building confidence and a teaching presence with a strong voice can take years, but it’s also something that comes from inside you. Start practicing with everyone you can and see if you can transmit information to people and make them understand how they should move their bodies.

Offering something unique

In order to be a successful aerial yoga teacher, you will need to stop modelling yourself on other teachers and embrace your own creative being. Are you mature enough to live and teach your own yoga passion? Are you comfortable with being yourself and teaching from the heart your own style? You will need to have something special to set you apart from other teachers if you want to attract students.

What happens after you become aerial yoga certified?

No matter how much you love aerial yoga, you shouldn’t complete the training just for the art’s sake. You should think carefully about what you will do with your new skills. 

Are you going to apply for an aerial yoga teacher position if there is one available in your area, or are you going to transition from regular employment to becoming self-employed? If you plan to start your own studio, you need to think about costs such as insurance, room hire, maintenance, and marketing costs. 

There are other possibilities as well, which imply smaller starting costs, like teaching in corporations, partnering with local businesses for yoga nights, or teaching online. Experts also recommend contacting health clubs, complementary medicine practices, bodywork studios, religious intuitions, and community organisations - all these may be interested in contracting your services. The good news is that nowadays there are plenty of opportunities to find success as a yoga teacher; you just need to be motivated and confident enough to access these opportunities. 

Collecting contacts

Starting a mailing list may not seem a priority right now, but getting involved in any lucrative activity and having success means you need to think and act like an entrepreneur or a business. Find a way to keep in touch with people that could come to your classes, like writing to them on email or having them as friends on social networks and communicating to them on a regular basis.

The amount of time it takes to become an aerial yoga instructor

The minimum amount of training required in order to be registered with a Yoga Alliance is 200 hours, but this doesn’t mean that after 200 hours you will be ready to teach. The process can take anywhere between several weeks and several months, or you may even need to spend years as a yoga student before being able to teach.

Find a course that fits your lifestyle

Are you thinking about a fancy course location like India? Sound like the experience of a lifetime, but how much does it suit your lifestyle, family commitments, and current work life?

Aerial Yoga Academy offers the most convenient Aerial Yoga Certification because you can choose between 100% online or part online/onsite teacher training certification accredited by a Yoga Alliance. This means you can become an aerial yoga teacher without sacrificing your family and work obligations, while also saving thousands of dollars in travel, accommodation, and meals.

Choose a course that is accredited

There are four main yoga teacher associations that offer accreditation: The British Wheel of Yoga, Yoga Alliance UK, Yoga Alliance International, and Independent Yoga Network. Each has their own requirements and offers different types of training. If you are interested in Aerial Yoga Certification, find a course which is accredited by the Yoga Alliance, like our courses at Aerial Yoga Academy.

Registering with an Yoga Alliance

Most onsite aerial yoga teacher trainings are 50 hours and under, which is not enough to register with a Yoga Alliance, unless you already are a yoga teacher in any style. Aerial Yoga Academy provides the minimum to register – 200 hours of aerial yoga training.

Finding a teacher that inspires you

In order to enjoy Aerial Yoga Certification and the process you need to complete in order to obtain it, you will need to find a teacher that you resonate with. Someone whose personality you can relate to and who can help you find your inner teacher. Otherwise you won’t be able to become the authentic teacher you want to be. Before making a decision, meet the teacher, attend their classes, and ask questions about their style of teaching. 

At Aerial Yoga Academy you have the opportunity to work with Master Monique, an advanced yoga teacher who is registered and certified in Australia and internationally at the highest level. She has taught more than 5,000 classes already to students across five countries and is a 500 hours registered yoga teacher. 

Reflect on your new path

Take some time to think about the reasons why you want to obtain Aerial Yoga Certification. Be honest, face your own fears, and follow the journey of personal growth and spiritual development!

If you feel you are ready to begin the process of getting Aerial Yoga Certification, contact us today online and find out how you can become a successful aerial yoga teacher!